The Midland Mental Health and Addictions Network sit within the Clinical Services Coordination arm of HealthShare Ltd.


The Midland Mental Health & Addictions Network team has a multi-layered accountability framework that feeds information up, down and across the multiple stakeholders. Although the formal upward reporting structure will change over time, it is important that key relationships with the GMs Planning and Funding and Maori Health continue to be maintained and enhanced. The Midland regional forums have changed to align to managed networks.

The lead Midland GMs are Mary Smith, Lakes DHB for Planning & Funding and Phyllis Tangitu, Lakes DHB for Maori Health.

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Karen Evison - Midland Lead GM Planning & Funding

Each of the Midland DHBs is responsible for providing and funding health and disability services to improve the health of their resident populations under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000. In order to continue to provide an effective Planning and Funding communication link between the DHBs and the HealthShare Midland Mental Health & Addictions Network Lakes DHB will continue in the role of lead DHB liaising on behalf of the Midland DHBs General Managers, Planning and Funding on Mental Health and Addictions issues.

Logo Linephyllis-tangitu.jpgPhyllis Tangitu - Midland Lead GM Maori Health

As Crown agents, DHBs are required to act in a manner that is consistent with the Treaty of Waitangi principles of partnership, participation and protection in the delivery of health and disability services, in order to address disparities in health.

The lead GM Maori Health will liaise with HealthShare on behalf of the Midland DHBs’ General Managers, Maori Health, to ensure identification of, and advocacy for, issues around Maori health and inequalities.