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Spring Issue 3 - October 2017

Kia ora, Kia orana, Talofa, Namaste & Hello

Welcome to our Spring Midland Mental Health & Addictions e-Newsletter.

My goodness the year has gone so fast. Spring is on us and Christmas is just around the corner. I hope our newsletter finds you all well.

Since our last newsletter the team has been busy in their respective areas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many Addiction stakeholders who have assisted in the shaping of the Midland Addiction Model of Care. It was a great opportunity for the Addiction sector to come together to identify the local and regional gaps as part of getting the region ready for the Substance Addiction Compulsory Assessment Treatment Act which goes live on the 21st February. I would also like to thank Sally Whitelaw, Donna Blair and Rachel Poaneki for their continued support on the national SACAT Steering Group. Workshops are rolling out in each of the District Health Board areas to assist districts to develop their SACAT implementation plan and will be shortly followed by Mana Enhancing workshops.

The regional Eating Disorders Model of Care work has been completed. I would like to thank Dr Sue Mackersy for her clinical leadership and the EDS Steering group for their participation over the last 18 months in order to get the MoC finalised ready for the General Managers Planning and Funding sign off.

Work continues to progress with the eSpace Programme. The appointment of Dr Andrew Darby as the mental health and addiction Clinical Expert to eSpace has assisted greatly in getting the work that the sector has completed thus far integrated into the Clinical Portal.

Ashley has undertaken the Map of Medicine Pathway work and has worked with the Infant Perinatal Clinical Network to review the existing pathway and update it in lines with clinical best practice. The group provided lively debate and it was obvious that they are a group of passionate and committed clinicians who have families at the center of their practice.

We currently have a Co-Existing Problems Monkey Survey open. We would appreciate it if you could complete it as the results will determine if we continue to fund workforce development in this area. Please complete the survey, it will only take 10 minutes maximum to do.

Finally, after 15 years of the Midland Regional MH&A Network being hosted by Lakes District Health Board, we are now moving to align with the rest of HealthShare. Our IT systems will change over to Waikato DHB and our emails will change to HealthShare. This change will be occurring over October so look out for the notices. I would like to thank Lakes District Health Board for their support since I started in this role, you have been fantastic.

Until our next newsletter, go well.

Malo le soifua

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TaranakiWinter Issue 2 - June 2017

Kia Ora and Talofa

Welcome to our Midland Mental Health & Addictions Winter Newsletter.

I hope that this newsletter finds you well and warm. For those of you who have not as yet, don’t forget to get a flu shot.

It has been a very busy time for the team with a range of activity occurring which I am sure you have been a party too.  I would like to thank all of you who attended and participated in the workshops for the Substance Abuse Legislation model of care development.  Ashley has been rolling out workshops for PRIMHD, unfortunately we had to cancel in Tairawhiti and Lakes due to insufficient numbers.  But in saying that we have had to hold additional workshops in the Bay of Plenty due to the numbers attending.  David has been working with the local Clinical Portal Champions Groups over the last couple of months and it is great to see the product of their work come to fruition.  Steve is still getting to know the lay of the Midland region and will be picking up some of the Workforce initiatives over the coming months.

Thank you to the wonderful Akatu who has pulled together our 2nd Newsletter and cracking the whip to make sure we submit articles.  If you or your organisation has something that you want to share with the region please send your article to Akatu for inclusion.

I hope that you find our newsletter informative.

Until next time, stay warm.

Malo le soifua

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SpringSpring Issue 1 - October 2016

Kia Ora and Talofa

Welcome to our inaugural Midland Mental Health & Addictions Spring Newsletter.

Our newsletter will replace the quarterly reports that we post to the Midland website, this allows us more flexibility to bring you news of what is happening across our region. With all the changes that are occurring in our sector it is important that we share pockets of innovation and creative ways of working across sectors. This newsletter features the work that the team is directly responsible for and the progress they are making in their respective areas.

Our website has undergone an upgrade and has a fresh new look. Akatu has done a phenomenal job in getting it sorted for us.  If you notice something not working please let us know and we will fix it straight away

If you have something that you would like to share with us please contact us so we can promote your organisations work.  Sharing innovation helps us all.

Please take note that it is important when sending emails to the regional network team that a "subject line" is included so your email will reach its destination.

We hope you enjoy this Spring Newsletter and forward onto your colleagues to subscribe.

Malo le soifua

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