Midland Regional Planning Day

 Purpose Planning Day

B DisleyA presentation was provided by Dr Barbara Disley, a panel member on He Ara Oranga – the Mental Health Inquiry that provided:

  • Key insights as a panel member
  • Key directions to bring about change
    • Underpinning principles
    • 10 directions for change
    • A move from “Big Psychiatry” to “Big Community”
    • Reducing future problems
    • What this could mean for services.

Additionally, all districts were provided with local reports that reflected population demographics and service usage.

Groups were then asked to consider local priorities within their districts as well as regional network considerations on key priorities.


Bringing together the threads of these discussions, we then considered the five primary priority areas that would inform the development of a regional work plan.  It was noted that there were a number of wide-ranging perspectives and views tabled for discussion at the workshop, some of which were broader than the intent of the day.  The next phase will be to further scope what activities will be included in the workplan, including identification of local district leads for each work-stream.

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