S29Midland Review in Reduction of Section 29 Project Report

The Mental Health and Addiction Regional Network (MH&ARN) commissioned an evaluation to explore the impact of any quality improvement programme implemented across the region since the introduction of the National Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in 2014.  The KPI was introduced to address the disproportionate number of Māori under the Compulsory Treatment Order (CTO) compared to non-Māori.  This project focused on Section 29 (S29) only.

The perspective of Whaiora forms the foundation of this report.   The collective contribution of their experience was captured in an 85 question survey.  The survey utilised the transitional framework where each section of the survey corresponded with one of the four key transition touchpoints of the continuum of care.


Our gratitude to the members of Ngā Kōpara-o-te-Rito (Midland Whānau & Consumer Leadership Network) and other associated consumer lead support positions and services in accessing the Whaiora and Whānau voices for this project.   This is the first time a collective voice of Whaiora as experts by experience has contributed to the discourse on reducing S29 and provides a learning opportunity of ‘what is working and what other opportunities exist’ from the perspective of Whaiora and Whānau. 

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