AMHIOC5 NLMidland MH&A Presence at the Australian Mental Outcomes & Information Conference (AMHOIC)

The 6th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference was held in Brisbane, Australia from 28-30 June 2017. The theme of this conference was "A shared vision: strengthening connections with information".

AMHOIC is held every two years, alternating between New Zealand and Australia. It is delivered by Te Pou and the Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network (AMHOCN).

Your Midland Decision Support Coordinator, Ashley Bajaj presented at the Conference. The topic of presentation was "Data Collection - A reporting burden or means to enhance service delivery?" The topic chosen reflects the experience I have had in my role over the course of last three years.

The key message was that it is critical to take a top-down approach to reinforce key consistent messages to achieve regional consistency.  Click here to view the presentation...

For the AMHOIC conference itself the key themes emerging from the different presentations reinforced the discussions held locally and regionally within the Midland region.

  • It’s not just about data collection but what we do with it is critical - Quantity and quality are the two spectrums of data collection and we often get only one part of the equation right.
  • How do we marry the clinical and cultural components for best outcomes for people? - Acknowledgement of culture in a person’s recovery journey is the key to appropriately responsive service provision.
  • “Nothing about us without us” - Involvement of whaiora and family/whanau (where consent given) at all stages of recovery journey is imperative.
  • Outcomes and recovery is personal - People should be in the driver seat of their own recovery.
  • Sector can fall short on honoring whose data are we democratizing – People should be consenting to if not fully guiding this process on an individual level
  • The interaction with the NGO sector and it’s inclusion in service delivery and future planning is an ongoing need

The conference highlighted similarities with the journey we have taken where our Australian partners are much further behind in some areas and much further ahead in others.



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