ChangeALERT - Midland Team Email Addresses are Changing Soon!!

Do you want to keep in contact with the Midland regional network team?


During the month of October the Midland MH&A teams IT system will be aligning to the rest of HealthShare integrating into Waikato DHB IT systems and will be fully operational from 01 November 2017.

How will this impact on you? If you would like to keep in contact with us we encourage you to take heed to the changes of our email addresses from to and make the changes accordingly.

Nothing else will change, mobile numbers and physical addresses will remain the same!! We look forward to keeping in contact with you in our new email environment.

Here are our new email addresses:

  • Akatu Marsters - akatu.marsters (at)
  • Eseta Nonu-Reid - eseta.nonu-reid (at)
  • Steve Neale - steve.neale (at)


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