Health Needs Assessment

Assessing the mental health needs of the Midland population is a high priority for the five Midland district health boards. Assessment and analysis of need is a fundamental part of health planning.  It provides the justification for maintaining or changing priorities, informs bids to obtain new funding, provides information to support service development and provides key information to inform strategic planning.  The key components of health needs assessment are: socio-economic status, health status, prevalence, services provided and views of community and stakeholders.

The needs assessment documents are the result of a commitment by MRMHAN to focus on an integrated approach to strategic planning and service development. The MRMHAN recognises the importance of stakeholder involvement and accordingly considerable effort has been made to engage the local and regional consumers, Maori, the MRMHAN Network, Pacific, family whanau and other key stakeholders in the Midland region in the health needs assessment process.

Key themes and priorities identified in the health needs assessment formed the basis of the 2009-2015 Midland Region Mental Health and Addiction Strategic Plan.

HNA documents available for download:

(Please note- the file is large and take a few minutes to download)

Midland Region MH&A Needs Assessment May 2005 Technical Report - part 1

Werry Centre 2010 CAMHS Stocktake Midland Region Report - click here