Project Statement:

The purpose of the Midland Region MH&A Clinical Workstation Steering Group is to:

  1. Identify and define a common set of core MH service requirements and processes.
  2. Inform the development of a regional IS solution that supports the business needs of the MH&A services across the region.
  3. Identify common data requirements for MH&A in the Midland region.
  4. Develop a framework and approach for implementing a common MH&A information system solution across the Midland region.

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 The key objectives of the group are:

  • To define and assess the business process for MH&A across the Midland region with the intent of agreeing are core aligned set of business requirements.
  • Utilising the agreed functional requirements, inform the development of a common IS toolset to support MH&A service delivery.
  • Develop an approach for identifying and integrating those areas of practice where regional alignment cannot be reached.
  • Define an agreed data set for MH&A services.
  • To model the behaviours and spirit of regional collaboration, benefits focus and delivery (irrespective of local responsibilities).


2015 - Meeting Dates

Dates  Venue
10 February Hygate, Hamilton
11 March Hygate, Hamilton
 08 April Hygate, Hamilton
 14 May Hygate, Hamilton
10 June Hygate, Hamilton
 22 July Braeside, Rotorua
28 August Braeside, Rotorua


Photo's taken at September meeting


2014 - Meeting Dates, Agenda's & Minutes

Dates Agenda Minutes
 03 July  July  July
 21 August  August  August
 26 August  August  August
 25 September  September  September
 28 October  October  October
 27 November  November  November