Midland Single Session Family Consultation Workshops

The Ministry of Health’s publication “Supporting Parents Healthy Children (SPHC: MOH 2015)” outlines clear expectations for Mental Health and Addiction services in Aotearoa - New Zealand.  The guidance aims to ensure that children of whaiora are supported when their parents/caregivers come into contact with services.  The intention is that services are provided from a whānau inclusive perspective.

“Moving towards more inclusive and effective interventions - organisations and practitioners can be expected to provide services that consider whaiora, family, children, and significant others... In essence, we should think of Whānau as our smallest unit…”

Each workshop is limited to 20 participants.  Priority will be given to people who:

  • Are working in DHB or NGO mental health or addictions services - particularly adult services
  • Have an understanding of the requirements outlined in the Supporting Parents Healthy Children Guideline
  • Have a strong interest in working with whānau
  • Have the ability to implement practice change within their service
  • Have the support of their manager/clinical leader to attend the workshop

Following the training, we aim to support SPHC ‘hubs’ in each Midland DHB area. We want to support ongoing training and development, grow the support network in your area and to develop supervision arrangements focused on whānau issues.

Click below for the flyer and registration form for your area.

If you have any queries about the workshops please contact Steve Neale otherwise all registrations to be sent to Midland.MH&A@healthshare.co.nz