Workforce Development

The intention of this page is to provide you with regular updates on the workforce development activities at a regional and national level.  Information provided will be from direct links to the five National Workforce Development Centres and the Te Pou National Workforce Coordinator alliances.  This page will endeavour to highlight any upcoming training, event, hui or conference relevant to the Midland region and ensure you are not missing a beat for any workforce development initiatives coming our way. 

Anything and everything relevant to mental health and addictions workforce development will be available to view on this page so you are well informed.  I welcome your input.   Please feel free to send me your own local activities to showcase - and photos are appreciated!!


Midland District-Wide Workforce Planning Workshop

Workshops were held across the five Midland DHB areas from April to June supported by Klare Braye (Matua Raki), Terry Huriwai (Te Rau Matatini), Luci Falconer and Stacey Porter (Werry Centre).

The purpose of this workshop was to support DHBs and NGOs in the Midland region to:

  • Work together to map the district Continuum of Care
  • Work collaboratively to identify national and regional drivers, and workforce priorities that are relevant locally
  • Agree and  develop a district wide workforce development plan that identifies agreed workforce priorities for the next three year

The plan will be useful for planners and funders, managers and clinical leaders, service providers, consumers and families.

This workshop was relevant to people who work in the MH&A sector: Workforce planning and development

  • Human Resource
  • Leadership roles
  • Family/whanau
  • Service Users
  • Midland region MH&A Network members

Please click the link or image below for the minutes of the workshops held across each Midland area:




DWWFP Taranaki


DWWFP Waikato


Midland CEP Practitioner Workshop

The two day workshop was held in Rotorua on the 06 & 07 April and was an interactive workshop providing participants with a full set of resources based on the workshop which can be used to provide ongoing CEP training and workforce development.

The workshop explored:

  • Person centred and wellbeing oriented care
  • What a CEP practitioner looks like and how they work
  • Strategies to engage people with CEP
  • Current best practice management strategies

Day One was facilitated by Dr Fraser Todd

Fraser is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist from Christchurch with a particular interest in Co-existing Substance use and mental health problems. He is the author of Te Ariari o te Oranga: the assessment and management of co-existing mental health and substance use problems. He is also involved in reference groups for the Ministry of Health and currently works part time with Matua Raki.

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Day 2

This workshop supports CEP champions who want to develop their knowledge exchange skills to assist with building a CEP capable workforce and developing CEP responsive services.

Facilitated by:

Ashley Koning - Ashley has a twenty year background as an addiction practitioner and currently works as a Project Lead with Matua Raki with a focus on co-existing problems, the revision of the Alcoholism and Addiction Act, resource development and working with Justice/Corrections clients.

Suzette Poole - Suzette is a clinical lead at Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui. She has around 30 years of experience of working as a mental health nurse in a range of settings in clinical, education and nursing leadership roles. Her work at Te Pou includes- editor of Handover- mental health and addiction nursing newsletter and contributing to a number of projects such as co-existing problems.

Wendy Donaldson - Wendy is a researcher/knowledge broker at Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui and supports the implementation of evidence based practice in services and enhancing knowledge-transfer activities.