Improving Mental Health and Addiction Wellbeing

Whakatōngia te aroha hai oranga mo te whānau,
Whakatōngia te kohara kia awe ai te iwi

Plant the seed of love so that the whānau will survive,
plant the seed of passion to give strength to iwi

Te Pāharakeke

The pāharakeke is synonymous to describing whānau within a metaphoric notion.  Using the pāharakeke as the logo for the Network groups, depicts that the person is at the centre and supported by the whānau surrounding them, and with the lens of continuous safety, growth and development.

The use of the word whānau is deliberate as it describes the person in the singular and incorporates the identified whānau as a collective.  By doing this it incorporates all people that are connected to the person and their individual or collective journey, therefore centering whānau as the smallest unit.

Logo Line

Our Team Values


Manaakitanga (Integrity)

  •   Transparency
  •   Honesty
  •   Respect
  •   Trust
  •   Reliability
  •   Support

Kotahitanga (Oneness)

  •   Inclusive
  •   Relationships
  •   Partnerships
  •   Teamwork
  •   Sharing workloads
  •   Communication

Whakawhanaungatanga (Sharing)

  •   Aroha
  •   Supportive
  •   Acceptance
  •   Connections

Rangatiratanga (Leadership)

  •   Leadership
  •   Commitment
  •   Partnership
  •   Alignment

Logo Line

Code of Conduct


  • Respect and treat people in an honest and transparent way
  • Provide reliable & consistent support


  • All partnerships and relationships are inclusive
  • Acknowledge, accept and stretch ourselves to understand and work with difference
  • Strive for thoughtful and considerate communication


  • Active and dynamic virtual connections are maximised
  • Relationships are nurtured internally and externally
  • Opportunities to maximise sharing of skills are undertaken
  • Creating collaborative environments


  • Blue sky thinking
  • Understanding the strengths and opportunities for yourself and others
  • Create partnerships that improve our whānau’s journey
  • Foster open space thinking and talking
  • Committed accountability