Justin Clinton GohdesJustin Clinton-Gohdes, Planning & Funding Portfolio Manager Taranaki DHB

Tell us a little about yourself, who are you and what is your role?

I’m originally from Missouri, in the middle of America, but don’t hold that against me!

I have been in New Zealand for several years now and have made my home in Taranaki. Before starting with TDHB as the Portfolio Manager for Mental Health and Addictions, I managed Supporting Families Taranaki and was able to be heavily involved in the MH&A community sector. My educational background is in Psychology and Counselling.

I started in the PM role the week of the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown. It’s been an irregular orientation, but I’m so very grateful for all the support the Planning and Funding team have provided me. 

Before the lockdown, I was rehearsing for the local production of the musical theatre show Wicked. Although it has been cancelled, I still find myself singing frequently. I also enjoy getting out in nature and spending time with my family.

How do you see yourself supporting the Mental Health & Addiction sector and how can we in turn support you?

I’m proudly bias in seeking equity in our health services; I believe that we all gain from ensuring everyone’s unique needs are considered and no one is left behind. I hope to bring my creativity to the reimagining of our Mental Health and Addictions sector and would love the support from everyone for the transformational change necessary.

What would you like to achieve working alongside various people in Mental Health & Addiction services?

I would like to be a part of the change to fulfil the hopes and needs that have been outlined in He Ara Oranga. To achieve that we need a united sector; we’re more effective when we work together.

If you could change one thing in the Health Sector, what would that be?

I believe that health and wellbeing is the whole community’s responsibility. I would like to see health seen and treated holistically, with individuals seen for all they are.

What is your favourite “whakatauki – words of wisdom”?

Ma te rongo, ka mohio, Ma te mohio, ka marama, Ma te marama, ka matau, Ma te matau, ka ora.

From listening comes knowledge, from knowledge comes understanding, from understanding comes wisdom, from wisdom comes well-being.


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