PressGoMental Health Tool Kit

Welcoming PressGo, the first Mental Health Tool Kit Zoom Workshop - Open to the public.

We would love if you could join us, Learn how to identify, understand and respond to mental wellbeing in the workplace.

This workshop is great for personal or professional development and you will walk away with some practical tools and strategies for wellbeing to use at home or at work outside of lockdown

With one in six Kiwi adults diagnosed with a common mental illness, many workplaces will have employees experiencing anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

The Mental Health Toolkit is an early intervention workshop that provides tools to improve self-awareness about mental wellbeing to enhance the work place culture and environment.

In this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn:

  • Identify -signs and symptoms of Mental conditions.
  • Understanding-self-awareness to improve personal wellbeing.
  • Trauma and our wellbeing.
  • Respond- keeping ourselves healthy and safe while supporting others.
  • De-escalation and prevention in the workplace.
  • Communication for strengthened relationships.
  • Tools and strategies to support wellbeing.

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Join the next Mental Health Tool Kit Online Workshop via Zoom from 1pm to 3pm
Tuesday 5 May 2020 Tuesday 9 June 2020 Tuesday 7 July 2020
Tuesday 4 August 2020 Tuesday 8 September 2020 Tuesday 6 October 2020
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