Midland District Wide Workforce Planning Workshops

DWWFP Waikato

Workshops were delivered across the Midland region to the five DHB areas by Nathalie Esaiah-Tiatia alongside Klare Braye (Matua Raki) and Terry Huriwai (Te Rau Matatini) during the months of May and June.

Working with Te Rau Matatini, Matua Raki and the Werry Centre to deliver the district wide workforce planning workshops was 'refreshing' and 'rewarding".  I enjoyed working with likeminded people to support a district wide approach to planning for the future, being able to dream about what we wanted health services to look like.

The workshops highlighted workforce commonalities, needs and wants for people in our communities. The reward for me was listening to the desire for better health services from good people working in mental health and addictions. Thank you everyone for your support. Nathalie Esaiah-Tiatia

It was a privilege to work with all involved to deliver the District Wide Workforce Planning Workshops across the Midland region. This was a wonderful opportunity to profile workforce planning, build relationships and model this approach to the sector. Klare Braye

Helping to support and facilitate the Midland District Workforce Planning hui was very much appreciated. I believe it gave an impartial voice to stimulate and challenge ideas and dialogue.

From a Te Rau Matatini perspective it provided an opportunity to hear the needs and aspirations of the workforce - unfiltered by strategic vision and organisation demand. This is important to ensure that the workforce centres are relevant and future focused. The hui reinforced the need to communicate and to help make strategic initiatives and activity relevant to all parts of the sector. They also provided evidence that there are some committed and passionate people working in the sector all looking to make a difference. Terry Huriwai

Minutes were circulated to the DHB areas - click here to view... Reports will be available in October.