logo.jpgMidland Clinical Portal - Lakes DHB Information Framework Education & Training Project

In December 2016 a review of the Lakes DHB Provider Arm systems and processes related to the collection, monitoring and use of information was undertaken. This review identified a number of opportunities for improvement throughout the service.

The review report and recommendations were accepted by the Lakes DHB MH&A senior leadership team which enabled a service of PRIMHD training workshops to be held.

Local team champions were identified and education given about PRIMHD and the numerous business rules and processes that are required to support the service.

Team by team training occurred from 9th to 11th May and then again 18th & 19th May to ensure consistency of understanding across the service.

Future training around outcomes collection including HoNOS, HoNOSCA, and HoNOS 65+ will also be delivered during June.

The overall aim of the project is to ensure that the service has a consistent understanding of the overall Mental Health Information framework but focusing on PRIMHD and the national Key Performance Indicator Programme.


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