Midland Co-Existing Problems Survey

You may be aware that over the last few years Midland Region DHBs Mental Health and Addiction, in partnership with Te Pou and Matua Raḵi, held a series of Co-Existing Problem (CEP Mental Health and Addiction issues) training events throughout the region.

We have made the survey as short as possible and also included room for you to expand on your responses - the more information we get, the better we can tailor future delivery to suit your organisations needs.


Unfortunately the uptake of this survey has been very slow being sent out to 107 and only 27 responses, it is encouraged that services complete the survey to ensure we can see your needs are being met and identify where the region can support you.

The Midland Regional MH&A Clinical Governance Group expects that CEP should now be mainstreamed and fully embedded in practice.  This means that:

  • All position descriptions should incorporate CEP basic level as a minimum requirement (meaning that all clinicians should have at very least completed the Matua Raki on-line introduction to CEP course)
  • Services should have integrated CEP senior practice oversight/supervision in place
  • Local treatment systems should have clear referral pathways for more complex issues
  • Learning needs should be identified and planned for within each service
  • There is a district plan for delivery to meet the need

We now wish to determine how well the training has been incorporated into practice and how best to develop the Regional Workforce Plan. We therefore wish to invite you to take some time to complete the survey - Please click here...


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