Midland Wellbeing Framework Wānanga in Rotorua

During the month of October three wānanga were held in Rotorua specific to Whānau, Māori and Addiction at the Lakeside Novotel. 

We would like to acknowledge and thank all contributing whānau and workers for their generous contribution in providing information and views to support the development of our Midland Wellbeing Frameworks.  Please click here to access the completed Te Piko o te Māhuri - Youth Wellbeing Framework, otherwise refer below for Whānau, Māori and Addiction Wellbeing Framework updates.


 Whanau WBF

“Te Aho Tāhuhu, tērā te tupu o te rākau”

The Aho Tāhuhu is the first strain of Muka (harakeke fibre) that creates the first row of three from which a Korowai is created. 

The Weaver needs to ensure that the Aho Tāhuhu is as perfect as it can be because all other elements of a Korowai relies on its perfection.  Getting it right will set the creation of the Korowai in the right direction.

TAT1On the 01 October 2019 we held Te Aho Tāhuhu - Whānau Wellbeing Framework Wānanga was held in Rotorua, this included whānau lived experience, whaiora, clients, peers and or those affect by other's mental health and addiction.  The feedback gathered from this wānanga this will inform the direction of the Midland Whānau Wellbeing Framework – Te Aho Tāhuhu whom believes that:

“Whānau are the Gateway to Wellbeing”

  1. Whānau will lead the development of flourishing communities
  2. Whānau will lead their own recovery
  3. The whānau workforce will have lived experience to support people’s recovery

Te Aho Tāhuhu recognises whānau part of a continuum; that we inherit our world from our ancestors, and we hold it sacredly in trust for our future generations.  The document is currently being developed but hope this will guide is to:

  • Understand the clear aspirations of whānau
  • Assure that whānau are at the centre
  • Guide local DHB districts with an overarching wellbeing framework to assist in local approaches that develop and build sustainable whānau services
  • Embedded practice of…Nothing about whānau without whānau…whānau are the smallest unit of wellbeing
  • Facilitate a solution focused approach rather than deficit focused

We look forward to sharing the discussion document with our region once completed - watch this space.

Logo Line


Kia ora tika te mau o te aho tahuhu hei whangai ko te piko o te mahuri tera te tipu o te rakau kia uhi wero kia
uhi taia mo nga mokopuna I whai ake nei…. Haumi e hui e taiki e.

  1. Ensure the fibre that weaves the pathway is strong; set flawlessly to shape and determine future directions for the health and wellbeing of our children
  2. Navigating new potential to ensure equity for Māori through strategic alignment underpinned by Mātauranga Māori.

TAT ColThe 02 October saw our region run its third wānanga in Rotorua "Taiahaha Taiahaha - Maori Wellbeing Framework".  The purpose of Taiahaha Taiahaha is to articulate the aspirations of Māori to ensure future survival, development and prosperity through a Māori Wellbeing Framework. 

We hope the feedback back captured in the development of the document expresses:

  • An understanding and clear aspirations of Māori
  • Encourages whanaungatanga for Māori by Māori in guiding the future of the Midland region
  • Provide local DHB districts with an overarching wellbeing framework to assist in local approaches that develop and  build sustainable services and community options
  • Exercise rights of self-determination through the Midland Māori Wellbeing Framework
  • Honour the implementation of the rights of Māori health, wellbeing and aspirations as protected by the Treaty of Waitangi (and acknowledged within the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to which New Zealand has been a party since their endorsement of the Declaration in 2010).

We look forward to sharing the discussion document with our region once completed - watch this space.

Logo Line

Uhi Wero Uhi Taia Logo

“Uhi Wero, Uhi Taia, tērā te tupu o te rākau”
‘taking on new challenges…creating new directions and outcomes’

The purpose of Uhi Wero, Uhi Taia is to articulate the aspirations of Midland whānau to ensure their future expansion, development and prosperity through a Addiction Wellbeing Framework. 

The Midland Addiction Wellbeing Framework – Uhi Wero, Uhi Taia believes that:

“Re-connecting Addiction to Wellbeing” 

UWUT ColBy designing a whānau-focused Addiction Wellbeing Framework we hope to re-connect addiction service delivery to wellbeing.  The Addiction Wellbeing Framework will inform local Models of Care development and realisation.  Uhi Wero, Uhi Taia: Addiction Wellbeing Framework will:

  • be trauma-informed
  • utilise lived experience: by whānau for whānau
  • be delivered in community settings wherever possible

We hope to do justice to the voices captured at the wānanga to ensure the document expresses:

  • An understanding of the needs of whānau and whānau with lived experience, accessing wellbeing oriented recovery services
  • A ‘by whānau for whānau’ approach in guiding the future of Midland Region Wellbeing service development
  • Identified consideration of the needs of underserved populations, particularly those of Māori

We look forward to sharing the discussion document with our region once completed - watch this space.


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