A new website has been developed for the Western Bay of Plenty region, specifically to support whãnau struggling with a loved one or family members substance abuse.

This website allows people to understand what services are available and quickly find the right agency. It’s for families, whãnau and communities wanting to reduce the harm caused by drugs and alcohol, and users wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

The Breakthrough Forum, a collaborative forum of local government, health and social agencies that are working to develop healthier communities, has developed the website. The forum is working in the Western Bay of Plenty to raise awareness of methamphetamine and other drugs and the harm they are causing.

One of the core objectives as a forum is to develop easy pathways for individuals looking for the best help. We want to help people make positive changes. We believe that making our community safe is everyone’s business, and our goal is to make people free from drug-related harm.

We want people in our communities to join us in promoting this important kaupapa by sharing the website with networks, clients, colleagues and family. Approaching this mahi in a collaborate spirit means we have an opportunity to achieve more than if we venture alone.

The Breakthrough Forum aims to develop a multi-agency response to raising awareness of methamphetamine use and its associated family and community impacts and to advocate for better service outcomes for those seeking help.

In 2016, a group of service providers across the Western Bay of Plenty convened a forum to discuss growing concerns about the prevalence of alcohol and illicit drugs, and more specifically, methamphetamine. The point of difference being the primary focus on the associated harm and impact on the wider community whãnau and community, and a secondary focus on the substance user.

The website was officially launched on Wednesday, 12th December.


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