RESET Group Programme at an Alternative Education Provider - AWHINA

This school provides education for those students that have been excluded from secondary education for various reasons, including disruptive behaviours in school, violence towards other students and defiance towards teaching staff.


Our group provides support and education on emotional regulation and this was the first time Real had run this group at an alternative school. We engaged all 16 students at Awhina for six sessions. Real provided morning tea, and we quickly determined that the young people were actually beginning our day without breakfast in their puku’s. We decided that it might be good to offer smoothies for them in the morning before their session – so they are better able to concentrate as well as offer them a healthy choice. Off we went to purchase a blender! Our team brainstormed smoothie ideas and on the first week offering them had interesting feedback about them with an initial resistance to them, the rangatahi said it looked like “spew” yet mysteriously all the smoothies were consumed by the end of the session! None of the rangatahi had ever tried a smoothie before. The second week we offered smoothies we left out the oats and the young people had great feedback and actually requested that we make strawberry and banana smoothies for our final wrap up session and celebration. This was an important milestone as during the initial session sausage rolls were provided, and they would have typically gone for sodas. Real is thrilled that smoothies made from all natural ingredients are being requested, rather than the beloved NZ sausage roll!

In addition to learning healthy food can be delicious, the students also reported benefits of attending the group with their anger management and emotional regulation. The teaching staff were also provided education on how to better manage situations with the rangatahi.


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