NewsletterWinter Issue 12 - August 2020

Welcome to our Winter Newsletter at the touch of Spring, hoping you and whãnau are well and safe and looking after one another during this time.  As Spring approaches and we leave Winter behind, my hope is this new season will bring healing, strength and courage as we move into the future. 

As we continue to battle Covid-19 as a nation I applaud and acknowledge everyone within our sector for their selflessness and the work that is done to ensure the health and wellbeing of our whanau, communities, our region during these uncertain times.  Click here to read a positive outcomes that has arisen during Covid-19 titled "Outreach to Rotorua Homeless"

Over this past quarter we have undertaken four new projects led by Deirdre Mulligan and Kate Stewart which are:

  1. Eating Disorders
  2. Emotional Intensity Disorders (Borderline Personality Disorders)
  3. Infant Child and Adolescent MH&A
  4. Infant Perinatal

These projects are scheduled to be completed at the end of September, so keep an eye out for the project reports , for more information please click here.

As you may recall, in October 2019 we held a series of 'wananga' to get input into the development of the Midland Wellbeing Frameworks for our region. In our last newsletter we highlighted and released Te Piko o te Mahuri - Midland Youth Wellbeing Framework (updated) and Taiahaha Taiahaha - Midland Maori Wellbeing Framework.  We are happy to report we have published an additional two frameworks Uhi Wero Uhi Taia - Midland Addiction Wellbeing Framework and Te Aho Tãhuhu - Midland Whãnau Wellbeing Framework.

There are many more articles featured in this newsletter such as what is occurring in Taranaki area, newsletter from Emerge Aotearoa and Waikeria MH&A Update, click the links below for more information.

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