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My name is Steve Neale and my people hail from the West-Midlands of England. My mother’s lines go back through Scotland and Wales and my father’s through Wales and Ireland... beyond that, the detail of our whakapapa is mostly lost to us, but I remain convinced that we have no small measure of Gypsy blood flowing through our veins – like fire, the desire to travel rages within our souls and we are indeed a nomadic people!

Raised and residing in the Waikato, I come from a 25-year professional history of clinical practice, management, commissioning, governance and consultancy in the substance misuse treatment and family violence intervention fields, in health and social-care both in Aotearoa – New Zealand and the United Kingdom. I hold a practicing certificate and accreditation in professional supervision, have a masters degree in social policy and am a PRINCE2 project manager.

I am passionate about social justice, Kawanatanga and equality. I am a critical thinker, with real-world experience, a robust sense of humour and a steadfast resolve to make a difference!

I fundamentally believe that workforce is the key to creative and dynamic health and social-care provision and I aim to ensure that service users and their whanau are more meaningfully engaged in our mahi, shaping our services to meet even more diverse need throughout the community.

The Mental Health and Addictions Workforce Planning kaupapa that I have been invited to lead on behalf of Midland DHBs is a diverse and dynamic one. The areas that I am currently focussing on are:

  • Leading out the Substance Addiction Compulsory Assessment and Treatment (SACAT) legislation, as it comes into effect; ensuring that the right people are in the right place, at the right time, with the right information and ability to assist service-users and their whanau to maximize all opportunities for recovery
  • Ensuring that our workforce is well equipped to respond well with those with Co-Existing (Mental Health and Addictions) Problems (CEP), again, ensuring that all opportunities for self management and recovery are utilized to their maximum potential
  • Coordinating the development and delivery of District Workforce Planning in collaboration with colleagues from throughout the region
  • Supporting the mahi of the Midland Workforce Leadership Network – PLEASE NOTE (those of you who attend this hui) our next meeting is:

07 June at the Best Western Hygate, Hamilton!

  • Re-energizing our workforce page on our HealthShare website to make it vibrant - more engaging, relevant and meaningful to our stakeholders
  • Reviewing and upgrading our own project management approaches to ensure that we are even more fit-for-purpose, clear in our intentions and delivery, and that we deliver the maximum benefits, through well considered utilization of our resource

…all of which should keep me off the streets for a wee while!

When I am not at mahi, you can find me running down the Hakarimatas, cycling along the gorgeous Waikato River, hanging out in cafes gossiping, or kicking around on crazy-kid adventures with my nine-year-old son, Angus… Sometimes we can be found giggling hysterically at the antics of our favourite Football Club – the mighty West Ham United!

I have been asked to share my favourite whakatauki with you and here it is….

"Once I awoke, dreaming I was a Grasshopper… then I realized that I was a Grasshopper, dreaming I was human!"…. (Lao Tzu) what could that possibly mean?

Steve 1I will look forward to meeting you all as time unfolds… If however, you wish to discuss the MH&A Workforce kaupapa with me sooner, I will be only too happy to do just that! You can get me on ph 07 839 1032 ext 22819, mob 021 731 024, or e-mail

Nga mihi nui

Steve Neale


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