Kokiri Trust - Up to date with Mapping Document

Following on from the PRIMHD training offered in January this year Taumaranui Community Kokiri Trust has worked diligently and successfully to get their reporting on track including finalisation of their mapping document.  They managed to work on the data gaps with Social Indicators and Alcohol and Drug Outcome Measure now up to date. Congratulations to the entire team and keep up the good work!!


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General Update

  • The primary focus since July last year has been on getting the mapping documents updated to reflect the NCAMP changes introduced y he Ministry of Health. Mapping documents for the 72 NGOs (including national providers) out of 80 Midland providers is finalised. 

  • Your Midland Decision Support Coordinator will be presenting at the 6th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference (AMHOIC 2017) to be held in Brisbane on the 28-30 June 2017.


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