Legal Status - Compulsory Community Treatment Order

Section 29 of the Mental Health Act is the Compulsory Community Treatment Order whereby the person is required to accept treatment at the direction of the responsible clinician.

Midland data for Section 29 was collated in response to the Key Performance Indicator set by the Ministry of Health to reduce the number of Maori placed under the act.

The graph below (broken down by DHBs and ethnicity) highlights a significant decrease in people being placed under the Section 29 with the biggest downward trend in Taranaki over the period of two years. The Midland Regional Network MH&A Team is in the process of undertaking a project to further identify different strategies employed by the DHBs and to ensure lessons learned are transferred across the region.

Section 29 Unique Clients by DHB & 100,000 Ethnic Population (July 2014/September 2016)

Section 29


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