WhanganuiMidland Clinical Portal - Visit to Whanganui DHB

A recent visit to Whanganui DHB to assist in understanding how the Central region was moving ahead with their regional clinical portal development, there were a few interesting findings.

The key findings during the visit were

  • Access to information
  • Whanganui have taken an open approach to access to information.  All clinical information is open to all clinicians under the boundaries of use that information should only be accessed if required as a part of delivery of care. There is no "break glass" functionality utilised at all
  • To assist with this approach on each screen there is a display of the user names of the last 5 people who have accessed the information. This has been a behavior modifier in terms of people knowing the access is visible.
  • Primary Care interface
  • Whanganui has "My Health" information available within Clinical Portal with a large number of the local GP practices contributing their information

Other discussions

  • Both services agreed that the need to find a mobility solution was high on the agenda, especially given the potential benefits within the MH&A services community services and interface with
  • Medication management was also seen as another priority
  • The ability to share information inter regionally was also briefly discussed as a longer term goal.


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