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This section is dedicated to providing news items within the Midland region, celebrate events that have occurred  and provide updates on the various regional projects that we are working on.  This page is interactive and is updated as events happen.  It will replace the Midland Matters Newsletter.

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InquiryMidland MH&A Networks Feedback to Mental Health & Addiction Inquiry

The Midland Regional Networks met during the month of May in Rotorua for its regular quarterly meetings, during these meetings the Mental Health & Addiction Inquiry was an agenda item for discussion and to provide feedback to the inquiry.

Please click here to read feedback from our networks.


HSL Tairawhiti

 Hauora Tairawhiti

  • Whakarangatira/enrich - Enriching the health of our community by doing our very best
  • Awhi/support - Supporting our turoro/patients their whanau/families, our community partners and each other
  • Kotahitanga/togetherness - Together we can achieve more
  • Aroha/compassion - Empathy, we care for people and people want to be cared for by us

Hauora Tairawhiti

Our values form the acronym WAKA. They reflect our past while guiding us on our journey to create a healthier Tairāwhiti by working together.


HSL Taranaki

Taranaki DHBTaranaki DHB

We will work together by:

  • Treating people with trust, respect and compassion
  • Communicating openly, honestly and acting with integrity
  • Enabling professional and organisational standards to be met
  • Supporting achievement and acknowledging successes
  • Creating healthy and safe environments
  • Welcoming new ideas

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Pulse - Magazine of Taranaki DHB

The Pulse is the quarterly magazine of the Taranaki District Health Board.

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Alcohol and Drug Service

TDHB AD BrochureThe Alcohol and Drug Service provides outpatient assessment and treatment services for client with alcohol and/or drug misuse, or people affected by another's alcohol and/or drug addiction.

The counsellors work closely with the Adult Mental Health teams regarding the assessment and treatment of clients with a co-existing psychiatric disorder.

The service offers early intervention/screening services, assessment and access to intensive residential programmes, (including clients under the Alcohol and Drug Act), and a regional opioid programme in collaboration with a network of General Practitioners and pharmacies. We have established a community based detoxification programme. 

Click here to view the Alcohol and Drug Service brochure.


HSL Waikato

Waikato DHBWaikato Values

  • Give and earn respect / Whakamana
  • Listen to me talk to me / Whakarongo
  • Fair play / Mauri Pai
  • Growing the good / Whakapakari
  • Stronger together / Kotahitanga

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Waikeria MH&A Service Project Newsletters

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 WMHAS Sept 19  WMHAS Jul 19  WMHAS May 19  WMHAS Mar 19

 In 2018, the Department of Corrections (Corrections) commenced the development of a 600-bed facility at Waikeria Prison, due for completion in 2022. The government announced that, due to the high proportion of prisoners with mental health issues, 100 of the beds in this facility would be dedicated to a mental health service. This will be the first service of its type in a New Zealand prison.

People in prison have a high prevalence of mental health conditions compared with the general population, with a significant degree of co-morbidity with substance abuse and neuro-cognitive issues. A recent study indicated that 91 percent of people in prison are likely to have met the criteria for a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis within their lifetime. A subset of 62 percent had received a diagnosis within the preceding 12 month period (Bowman, 2016).

In recent years, Corrections has strengthened its provision of mental health support to people in prison through:

  • Mental Health and Reintegration Services provided by mental health clinicians in 16 prisons and four Community Corrections sites
  • A new model for our Intervention and Support Units, centred on a more therapeutic, multidisciplinary approach for people who are vulnerable to suicide and self-harm.

The Waikeria mental health service will build on these investments and strengthen Corrections’ ability to provide specialist services. Specifically, a person-centred approach will be implemented in a health-focused environment, to support the rehabilitation of men with a mental health diagnosis, alongside therapeutic support for other complex needs.

The development of this service presents an opportunity to work in partnership with Māori, the Waikato District Health Board (DHB) and the Ministry of Health. A joint approach with our partners promotes best practice, draws on our respective strengths, and will increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

A project team has been established to design, develop and implement an operating model for this facility. A collaborative approach will drive the development of an operating model, with the aim of incorporating several focuses:

  • integration with the rest of the prison network and the wider mental health sector, including strong referral pathways
  • a strong kaupapa Māori approach at the centre of the model
  • providing therapeutic support and rehabilitation where needs cannot be met in mainstream prison units
  • a person-centred approach that is responsive to needs.

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Youth INtact Drug & Alcohol Service

Youth INtact

The service has delivered a new look and approach for how youth with alcohol and drug problems and their whanau/families receive the help they need.

Youth INtact services are available in the wider Waikato DHB catchment communities through three other providers:

  • CareNZ who provide Youth INtact in Tokoroa/Putaruru
  • Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust covering Te Kuiti, Otorohanga and Taumarunui
  • Te Korowai o Hauraki covering Hauraki, Thames/Coromandel.

Youth INtact has been developed with lots of feedback from clinicians, communities, rangatahi/young people and family/whanau.

For more information about Youth INtact and the services it provides visit


HSL Bay of Plenty

SORTED is the youth alcohol and drugs service of the Bay of Plenty District Health Board.


If a young person (18 and under) wants to seek help or get more information about alcohol or other drug issues then we will respond, in confidence.

Reasons young people may contact SORTED include:

  • getting into trouble because of alcohol and drugs
  • using too much, too often
  • school work being affected
  • causing problems at home
  • using alcohol and drugs to cope with stress or strong feelings
  • possible dependence or health issues

or just wanting to talk about things or just find out more information.

Anyone can approach the SORTED service. Concerned parents or caregivers of a young person using alcohol, cannabis or other substances are very welcome to contact SORTED.

Check out these useful pages put together:


  • Call us direct on 07 557 5052 or 0800 BAYSORT (0800 229 7678) 
  • Or email sorted (at)


  • Call us on 07 308 8803 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm or 0800 486 947 
  • (Crisis - After Hours) 0800 774 545 
  • Or email sorted (at) 


HSL Lakes

Lakes DHBLakes DHB

Lakes DHB has three organisational values.  They are:

  • Manaakitanga - Respect and acknowledgement of each other's intrinsic value and contribution
  • Integrity - Truthfully and consistently acting collectively for the common good
  • Accountability - Collective and individual ownership for clinical and financial outcomes and sustainability

Logo LineeMental HealthAn eMental Health & Addiction Framework to Support Te Ara Tauwhirotanga

The nature and volume of demand for mental health and addiction services has moved well beyond any argument that face-to-face clinical systems alone are the answer. Increasingly, remote, rural and high-deprivation communities are unable to access resources and care when and where they need them.

eMental Health is oriented around the individual and their social supports. It enshrines self-managed care and customisation to deliver a seamless pathway to the appropriate care for each individual.

The Te Ara Tauwhirotanga project has demonstrated commendable foresight in considering the application of digital solutions as part of developing a new model of care for existing Lakes DHB services. Understanding and embracing the opportunities offered by eMental Health and Addiction solutions to enhance existing approaches puts Lakes DHB in a strong position to meet the increasing demand for services, at a time when traditional methods are being stretched to their limits. Click here to read the Framework Document.

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Mental Health Service Vision

To provide a responsive, accessible Mental Health Service to those adversely affected by mental illness with the Lakes District Health Board region.


Manaakitanga - Respect
Integrity - Truth
Accountability - Collective Sustainability 


The principles inherent in the Lakes Mental Health Service, in order to achieve the “Statement of Purpose” and “Values” are: 

  • Work in partnership with service users and their family, whanau to maintain/achieve good mental health and wellbeing
  • Provide holistic care based on individual service user need and best clinical practice
  • Foster a culture of hope and personal aspiration that support service users to work towards their own recovery
  • Establish a collaborative service user pathway across the whole of the Mental Health continuum (secondary/primary/NGO/Inter-sectorally or Inter-agency) to ensure seamless service delivery
  • Develop and retain a highly skilled workforce through staff development
  • Promote/increase cultural responsiveness
  • Provide a cost effective/efficient range of accessible secondary Mental Health service

Click below to read the Lakes Mental Health & Addiction newsletter

     Newsletter 3      Newsletter 2      Newsletter 1
Lakes MHA Issue 3  Lakes MHA Issue 1 Lakes MHA Issue 2

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M OraMauri Ora - Redevelopment of MH&A Services in Lakes District

Mauri Ora is the name of the project which will look at how mental health and addiction services are delivered for tangata whaiora (service users) and their whanau across the Lakes district including Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi.

Early conversations with tangata whaiora and whanau talked about their aspirations - that the service had to look at more than mental illness, and focus on all aspects of a person which contribute to their wellbeing. The name Mauri Ora was born, that is, focusing on the journey-from mauri noho (languishing) to mauri ora (flourishing).

Redeveloping mental health and addiction services in the Lakes district is driven by the need to look at new ways of addressing the community’s needs.  Click below to read Mauri Ora newsletters.

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