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Kia tika te mau o te aho tāhuhu hei whāngai ko te piko o te māhuri tērā te tipu o te rākau kia uhi wero kia uhi taia mo ngā mokopuna e whai ake nei…. Haumi e hui e taiki e. 

1. Ensure the fibre that weaves the pathway is strong; set flawlessly to shape and determine future directions for the health and wellbeing of our children

2. Navigating new potential to ensure equity for Māori through strategic alignment underpinned by Mātauranga Māori.

We would like to acknowledge everyone that has been on the journey with us to develop this Taiahaha Taiahaha - Māori Mental Health & Addiction Wellbeing Framework, thank you.  For all feedback provided from the wānanga and consultation process can be accessed below.  Please click here or the image for the Taiahaha Taiahaha - Māori Mental Health & Addiction Wellbeing Framework document.


The purpose of Taiahaha Taiahaha is to articulate the aspirations of Māori to ensure succession, continuous transmission, development and prosperity through a Māori wellbeing framework.  Taiahaha Taiahaha recognises that all generations are part of a continuum; that we inherit our world from our ancestors, and we hold it sacredly in trust for our future generations.   


Wellbeing is improved through the targeting of dedicated resources to meet identified whānau needs and aspirations.  Whānau will be supported to engage in activities that enhance their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Whānau shared:

  • Whānau is important to us
  • Identity, connections and belonging is important to us
  • Whakapapa / heritage is important to us
  • Listen to us…. hear what we say
  • See us as us

Key Influences

Taiahaha Taiahaha: Māori Wellbeing Framework provides detailed and relevant information about the current circumstances, needs and aspirations of Māori.  We believe that the human resource potential of whānau is largely untapped which has resulted in Māori health and wellbeing status remaining low.  The current way we provide services for Māori is failing them.  For whānau relational wellbeing that encompasses spiritual, social, mental and physical health is essential.  Whānau Māori and workforce need to be firmly in the center of any Māori development phase to ensure a sustainable future.

Our Challenge Going Forward

The aspirations whānau identified in the Taiahaha Taiahaha – Māori Wellbeing Discussion Document requires us to invest significantly in building a workforce that can deliver these aspirations and demands a significant change in behaviour in the way we currently do things.

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