TPoTM Cover“Te piko o te māhuri, tērā te tupu o te rākau”

“The way in which the young sapling is nurtured (shaped), determines how the tree will grow”

This whakatauki is our ancestors’ way of reminding us of the long term impact, early intervention and caring will have on the growth and development of our (their) mokopuna.  Commonly used to describe the early stages of a Totara tree, this metaphor also connects us to our eco-system and the reality that it takes a wide web of nurture, as well as nature, to realise the potential of the future.

We would like to acknowledge everyone in particular our youth across Midland that have been on the journey with us to develop Te Piko o te Māhuri - Youth Mental Health & Addiction Wellbeing Framework, thank you.  For all feedback provided from the wānanga and consultation process can be accessed below.  Please click here or the image for the Te Piko o te Māhuri - Youth Mental Health & Addiction Wellbeing Framework document.


The purpose of Te Piko o te Māhuri is to articulate the aspirations of the Midland youth to ensure their future survival, development and prosperity through a Youth Wellbeing Framework.  Our current services are failing our young people, so this document represents the blueprint, or navigational chart, for the expression of our youth’s self-determination.


Wellbeing is improved through the targeting of dedicated resources to meet identified youth needs and aspirations. Youth will be supported to engage in activities that enhance their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

  • Whānau is important to us
  • Identity, connections and belonging is important to us
  • Whakapapa / heritage is important to us
  • Listen to us….hear what we say
  • See us as us

Key Influences

Te Piko o te Māhuri: Youth Wellbeing Framework provides detailed and relevant information about the current circumstances, needs and aspirations of youth.  We believe that the human resource potential of youth is largely untapped which has resulted in the youth health and wellbeing status remaining low.  The current way we provide services to youth is failing them.  For youth, whānau wellbeing that encompasses spiritual, mental and physical health is essential.  Youth need to be firmly in the center of any youth development phase to ensure a sustainable future.

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