The Mental Health & Addiction regional networks are accountable to the five DHBs through the Te Manawa Taki Mental Health & Addiction Regional Network (MH&A Director) to provide strategic advice and support to key strategic developments at a national and regional level.  These networks are the mandated voice of the Te Manawa Taki region mental health and addiction network and are responsible for consulting widely with their local networks to ensure that the advice and support provided accurately reflects the sector that they represent.

The Regional Network has established and maintain several regional leadership networks.  Several of the regional networks have been established since 2001.  Over the years the forums have evolved from networking stakeholder forums to informational forums and have now evolved into managed networks. 


Strategic Leadership Networks

Consumer & Whãnau Advisory Network - Ngã Kõpara o te Rito - 2018 brought the amalgamation of the consumer and whanau leadership networks, He Tipuana Ngã Kakano and Te Ao Whãnau. Combining both groups will allow a broader conversation to occur.  The regional network team recognises the need for both groups to have time to process advice from their own perspectives and will ensure opportunities are created to allow this to happen. 

Mãori Advisory Network - Te Huinga o Ngã Pou Hauora - Established early in 2001 this networks meets four times a year.  This network recognises the need of equity for Maori and bring robust and clear perspectives from each rohe, hapū and iwi to ensure the needs of Maori are being met.

He Kãwai Herenga - This group is made up of Chairs and Co-Chairs from the established MH&A regional networks from Addiction, Clinical Governance, Maori, Workforce, Planning & Funding and Lived Experience & Whãnau to name a few, this group will bring all perspectives to ensure we are meeting the needs of our region.