Nga Kõpara o te Rito

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He Tipuana Nga Kakano and Te Ao Whãnau are the longest standing regional stakeholder networks.  Over the last 10 years both networks have gone through different iterations to ensure that both groups remain current with the constantly changing mental health and addiction environment. 

Over the last two years both He Tipuana Nga Kakano and Te Ao Whãnau discussed the option of merging both stakeholder groups.  Combining both groups will allow for broader conversations to occur.  Specific consumer or whãnau items can take a focus group approach within the combined group and at a regional level as needed.  The Regional Network Team recognises the need for both groups to have time to process advice from their own perspective and will ensure that opportunities are created to allow this to happen.  The new name for this combined group is Nga Kopara o te Rito.

He Tipuana Nga Kakano - Consumer Leadership

"Consumer organisations are beacons of best practice, credible, professional, strong and successful."

He Tipuana Nga Kakano has been established since 2001 and has provide a strong consumer voice within our region. Due to a constantly changing health environment, He Tipuana Nga Kakano has evolved from a social network to a informational network. Government direction is now driving the need for He Tipuana Nga Kakano to evolve into a managed network.

An Expression of Interest process was undertaken throughout which identified the skill sets required for membership of He Tipuana Nga Kakano - click here to meet the members.

Te Ao Whãnau - Family Whãnau Leadership

This network is accountable to the five DHBs through the Te Manawa Taki Regional Network (MH&A Regional Director) to provide strategic advice and support to key strategic developments at a national and regional level.  This network is the mandated family whãnau voice of the Te Manawa Taki region mental health and addiction network and are responsible for consulting widely with their specific networks to ensure that the advice and support provided accurately reflects the sector that they represent.

Membership is based on skills and expertise that members bring to the whãnau sector.  Membership also reflects the diverse communities that are represented in the region - click here to meet the members.


Network Meetings

2021 Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates
All meetings will be held via Zoom with two face to face "Joint Network Meetings" in March and October
25 February 26 August
27 May 25 November


2020 Meeting Dates

26 Nov NKoTR

February meeting was held in Rotorua with the remainder held via Zoom
27 February 06 August
28 May 26 November


Meeting Agenda's & Minutes for 2018 - 2019

NKoTR 19

2019  February May August November
Agenda February May August November
Minutes February May August November
2018  February May August November
Agenda February May August November
Minutes February May August November