Workforce Development

The intention of this page is to provide you with regular updates on the workforce development activities at a regional and national level.  Information provided will be from direct links to the five National Workforce Development Centres and the Te Pou National Workforce Coordinator alliances.  This page will endeavour to highlight any upcoming training, event, hui or conference relevant to the Te Manawa Taki region and ensure you are not missing a beat for any workforce development initiatives coming our way. 


Workforce Regional Projects

Quality Data

We are currently working on three projects.

Te Manawa Taki Lived Experience, Peer, and Whānau Led Strategy

The aim of this project is to develop a strategy and framework for lived experience, peer, and whānau provision of service across Te Manawa Taki.  This would include attention to Te Tiriti o te Waitangi and show funders and providers how best to invest and transform the mental health and addiction continuum informed by lived experience.

Te Manawa Taki Level 4 Qualification Framework

To provide the Te Manawa Taki Mental Health and Addiction (MH&A) Networks with an entry level Qualification Framework that will increase the workforce capability and capacity and address the need for more investment in Māori and Pacific people entering the workforce. This project will identify clear pathways for those wanting to enter the workforce, upskill and micro credential using existing programmes and Mātauranga Māori.

Te Manawa Taki Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Strategy Plan 2021-2024

To support transformation, the Te Manawa Taki Mental Health and Addiction Network is revising the current Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan (2020-2023).

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Regional MH&A Wellbeing Workforce Action Plan (2018-21)

WF Plan

The Midland Region MH&A Workforce Action Plan (2018-21), follows on from the region’s 2015-18 plan.  All initiatives outlined in the former plan were completed to a high standard and affected change in a number of areas.  The 2018-21 plan builds upon the achievements delivered through the former plan and aligns itself to current and recent developments in policy and practice.

The Health Workforce New Zealand, Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan (MoH, 2017), lays out the expected direction for workforce development for the Mental Health and Addiction sector.  The plan has four priority areas, each of which has three to four actions.  To ensure that our plan delivers the best possible results, the Midland Regional Mental Health and Addiction (MRMH&A) Workforce Leadership Network agreed to select one significant action from each priority area.

Please click here to read the plan.